Dr. Judy St. Leger

Bio Topic - Sunday September 5 @ 9 am

Dr. Judy St. Leger is the Director of Pathology and Research for the SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. Her day-to-day role is in the diagnosis of diseases in captive and wild marine mammals, birds, and fish. Additionally, she spends a fair amount of time training veterinarians in aquatic animal medicine and pathology. She got her vet school training at Cornell University where she did research on antibiotics for aquaculture.

In 2009, Judy became involved in efforts to promote marine tropical fish conservation through propagation. She has worked with multiple zoos and aquaria across the country on ways to improve the long term sustainability of marine fish collections and displays. She works with all three SeaWorld parks to promote coral and marine fish production.

Judy lives in SanDiego, with her husband Marc. They enjoy adventures on the ocean as often as possible.

Rising Tide (best practices inititive) Seaworld and AZA

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums(AZA) wants to learn from the American marine fish hobbyists. For many years, breeding advances in marine tropical fish have been small events brought about by self-motivated breeders, oceanic institutes, and professional aquarists. But these advances haven't moved forward into changing the state of marine tropical aquaculture. A few businesses have come...and gone. But marine tropical aquaculture has become the standard that we see with freshwater species. Intense focus and shared information via the internet sites like MOFIB have the potential to change things. Advances in marine food fish rearing can be applied to display fish programs to move things forward. Funding from non-profits and government and conservation organizations can be applied to take things to new levels.

This presentation will describe the efforts underway to promote collection sustainability of marine tropical fish across the North America. Hobbyist and industry involvement is needed and a discussion session will provide opportunities to express your thoughts, concerns, and recommended directions for this initiative.